About Premium Saddles Online 

Who We Are

Premium Saddles is situated in Texas offering a good range of quality firsthand and secondhand saddles.

Having experienced firsthand the difficulties often involved with finding a secondhand saddle, Premium Saddles aims to offer you a hassle free service. With our easy step by step options and our 3 day return policy to ensure you are happy with your new choice, Premium Saddles will endeavour to look after you from start to finish on your quest to finding your next saddle.

We are shipping saddles around the world on almost daily bases to destinations such as; Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Sweden, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and the Caribbean to name a few. Giving those living overseas the variety and choice of saddles they require, if you can’t see your country displayed on the delivery page, please get in touch for a quote.

Premium Saddles offer Safe shipping to Saddlers worldwide, so if your a practicing saddler please email info@Premiumsaddles.com to see how this may work for you.